Benefits of Stucco

Economical: Stucco is fairly priced and easy to maintain if installed properly your upkeep costs will remain low. When compared to other siding options, stucco costs less per square yard. There are also stucco systems also help with heating costs by reducing air infiltration into the building or insulating the exterior walls, which then results in reduced energy consumptions.

Durable: Portland cement is naturally durable and strong. This layer of cement makes your project impact resistant and it also helps soundproof your home, to some extent. With proper installation and basic maintenance, stucco projects have been known to last many, many years.

Fire Resistant: The natural properties of Portland cement and the multiple layers of a stucco system also make stucco Fire Resistant. It has a fire rating of 1 to 4 hours depending on the system. This makes stucco a popular option in commercial buildings and mountainside homeowners.

Weather Resistant: Stucco is a great option for Colorado because it is able to withstand high-speed winds, extreme heat and cold and severe weather with ease. When properly installed stucco forms a tough weather and air resistant barrier to your project.

Aesthetically Pleasing & Customizable: Stucco and Plaster can maximize curb appeal and add elegance to nearly any project. Stucco looks great when combined with other siding options such as brick, siding, stone veneer, staccato board, etc.. You are able to add amazing detail with fully customizable arches, cornices, trims and columns. Stucco comes in several different textures and thousands of colors to choose from for your stucco. The possibilities are endless with stucco and you are sure to find a design that appeals to you.

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