Considering Stucco or Plaster?

Keep in mind for the most part, “Plastering” is mainly used in interior walls, while “Stucco” is mainly used on exterior walls.

Plastering & Stucco have been used for centuries all over the world for their outstanding durability, versatility and aesthetically pleasing qualities. The plastering trade is considered an ancient art form that takes many years to master.

Modern stucco & plasters has been enhanced greatly by science. These days Stucco Systems are not only economical, but also backed by research and science to ensure quality materials to make your project weather resistant and to avoid water damage.

A stucco coating made mainly of Portland cement that can be applied to various surfaces such as brick, wood, metal sheeting’s, and special insulation board surfaces. Stucco Systems will vary depending on what the customer needs and also what is needed to meet the cities required building and safety codes. But for the purpose of informing, a basic stucco system has 3 steps.

First being the metal lath stage, where your contractor carefully installs two layers of building paper, mesh wire and special flashings at your home. This stage is the foundation to your entire project and needs to be done correctly to avoid water damage. Second comes Portland cement scratch coat and base coat. Third stage is the finish or “color” coat.

Seems simple enough but it is definitely something you would want to leave to a skilled professional to ensure proper waterproofing and to prevent cracking.

King Plastering only uses high-quality materials on all of its projects to ensure there are no problems for you down the line. The only way to prevent potentially disastrous water penetration to your project is proper installation in the first place.

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