Services We Offer

We are Custom Stucco Home & Stucco Repair Specialists, who focus mainly on residential customers. But we are also built to take on medium sized commercial projects. Services we can offer you are:

  • Stucco Repair and Patching 
  • Hard Coat Stucco
  • EIFS Stucco
  • Synthetic Stucco
  • Interior Plaster Veneers
  • Traditional Stucco
  • Custom Foam Moldings/Trims
  • Re-Stucco
  • Stucco Painting
  • Stucco Columns
  • Stone Veneers

Contact us today or fill out our project inquiry form so can help you with your next project. Our skilled plasterers are ready and capable to take on your project. From woodpecker damage repairs to commercial townhome projects, we are here to help you with all your plastering and stucco needs.

You should be careful when looking for stucco contractors. Make sure they are a reputable business who has the proper skill level and knowledge to properly complete your project.

Unfortunately, there are many contractors in this industry who ruin it for the rest of us. For instance, contractors will bid very low to get your project. This seems like a great deal to you at first, but you must remember, you get what you pay for. Online research makes it possible to see around how much a stucco contractor should be charging you. If the numbers do not match up you should ask yourself how they are able to bid so low. We see it time and time again where with these low bids contractors take shortcuts, use low-quality materials and lots of poorly skilled employees in an attempt to increase their profit margins. With time, faulty stucco systems are disastrous to the property and can end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs later.

Why gamble on your next project? We treat your project like our own and will do everything in our power to ensure the project’s success. Hire someone who is knowledgeable in the industry and someone who will complete your project right the first time.

King Plastering Inc. is fully insured. We stand behind our projects 100% and offer full warranties on all materials and workmanship (call for warranty details).